The Health And Fitness Centre of Plettenberg Bay

The Gym of Plettenberg Bay

The Town of Plettenberg Bay

The iconic beach town, Plettenberg Bay, is known for its exquisite beach fronts, majestic forests and breathtaking mountain ranges. The town has been a resort destination to travelers from all over the world for decades, and sits at the edge of the iconic Garden Route in South Africa.

The town has had many gyms throughout its history, and each one of them has come and gone with the times. However, The Health And Fitness Centre in Plett has stood through the ages and is going stronger than ever before. It is now the main gym in Plettenberg Bay.

Panorama picture of blue ocean and Robberg Nature reserve in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
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Where Is The Gym?

You can find the gym close to the Riverclub on Piesang Valley Road. To get there from the N2 highway, simply turn onto Piesang Valley Road and turn right after Barringtons Boutique Hotel. Turn up Hanois Link and then right again into the parking lot of The Health And Fitness Centre!

The gym itself has evolved throughout the years, but it has retained its signature equipment rooms and has built up even more areas outside.

Plettenberg Bay's gym, the health and fitness centre.
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The Fitness Areas

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the centre is the half-sized Olympic pool. If you want to train here during summer months, get there early, as it fills up quite fast.

picture of the health and fitness centres swimming pool.
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As you come into the gym, on your left will be a plethora of different cardio machines. There is a spinning room adjacent to the cardio machines where you can book spinning classes for the week.

spinning class in Plettenberg Bay's gym.
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Further down the gym’s corridor is the second fitness room where aerobics, yoga, stretching classes and various other classes take place. You can find out which classes are conducted y asking management or checking the notice board.

At the end of the corridor, you will find the main weight room. The weight room was upgraded in 2019 and has an intense fitness vibe that keeps you motivated to work hard. You will find a range of different weight machines and various weight racks. There’s the standard squat wrack with heavy plates, and the free weighted dumbbells go up to a massive 60kg.

free weights in the gym.
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After the upgrade in 2019, the gym added an outdoor workout area for crossfit and body weights.

man squatting at the health and fitness centre in Plettenberg Bay.
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The Equipment

The gyms equipment is outstanding. Even during peak hours, we did not find a lack of available things to do. They regularly service their machines and the maintenance on their equipment is impressive. It really does feel like a premium gym.

What Are Their Prices?

Coming in hot at R360/month for an adult(at the time of writing this), this is a no brainer if you’re looking to hit the gym in Plett. They may not be on the same scale as a franchise gym, but they excel in all the things that you need, and smash away the value for money.