Knysna’s Gym With A View: Empire One Fitness Centre

Knysna’s Gym With A View

Nestled at the topmost floor of the Knynsa Mall is where you will find Empire One Fitness Centre. The gym itself is flush with modern equipment and is always ready for the onslaught of fitness sessions that occur through season time.

The gym itself has two floors. One the first floor you will find a plethora of different machines and weight-machines, coupled with pullup bars and a squat rack.


Weights, Machines, Yoga And Space For Fitness

Empire One stacks their weights from very light to very heavy, meaning you won’t ever have space to run out of weights. Whether you use their free weighted dumbbells or their weigh machines, you won’t ever run out of goals to set for yourself.

The gym also provides a space for yoga and personal training classes. There is no lack when it comes to variety in this gym.

Girl squatting

Fitness Family

The Fitness Centre proudly gives its members as much fitness advice as they can, and offers professional training services to those who request.

The staff members at Empire One are here to serve their fitness community.

After The Workout

After you’ve hit the dun-gym (get it?), consider taking advantage of all the services in the mall itself.

Head over to the Superspar across the parking lot to pickup some protein filled meals or some carbohydrates to refuel your body (or a simple home-grocery shop).

Before The Workout

If cooking and food aren’t on your agenda, perhaps you’re seeking some fitness gear to smash your next workout.

Head over to Sports Centre or Sportscene before your workout to checkout their fitness range. Never underestimate the power of gym gear. We wrote a blog on gymming essentials that all weight lifters and fitness lovers alike need in their world.

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