How To Treat A Sprained Foot

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A sprain is a sudden twist or tear in the ligament within a joint. Common sprains occur around the ankles, wrists and feet. This violent motion causes pain and swelling. Severe ankle sprains can result in inflammation and swelling of the ankle joints.

If you think you’ve sprained your ankles or foot, and aren’t experiencing excruciating pain, it’s best to self-diagnose by checking if you have hindered the range of motion of your foot. Normal range of movement means that it probably isn’t bad!

If you are experiencing extreme pain and swelling, consult your health professionals immediately. 

If you’re an athlete, chances are you’re going to experience common injuries such as sprained ankles. What happens if you sprain your ankles or another joint in your foot? It’s best to begin treatment right away, and here’s how.

Famously referred to as RICE therapy, these home remedies should get you through all the stages of recovery.

How To Treat A Sprained Joint In The Foot


Resting is at the top of the list for numerous reasons. By taking weight off of the sprain, you will avoid severe pain and give your joint the space it needs for a speedy recovery. Don’t partake in any physical activity, especially on the day it occurs.


Apply ice packs, ice cubes, or deep-freeze to the area of the sprain to reduce the pain and swelling. 

Apply for 20 minutes only. Then, take a 10 minute interval before applying ice again.


Wrap your sprain in a bandage. Not too tightly, though, as to avoid a hindrance of blood flow. It should feel snug, not tight.


To ensure absolutely no weight is applied to the foot, and to avoid pain as much as possible, keep your foot raised above your heart. This will allow blood flow to the ligament and will aid the recovery process.

What Is The Recovery Time Of A Severe Spain?

While normal sprains take about a week to heal, a severe sprain may take a few months, depending on the severity. Consult your health professionals for a diagnosis. You may be required to partake in physical therapy through a physical therapist. Mild sprains can be fixed by yourself at home by utilizing RICE therapy.

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